I’m getting tired of these “Hip Hop Heads”. 
I’m a very big fan of Hip Hop, but to sit there and act like I know everything about it, Hip Hop artists and every detail about it, is not me. I don’t like that. Unless you are a Hip Hop artist from the 80’s-90’s or has worked with one then sit down. A lot of people get mad when someone who’s let’s say.. are 15 and listening to Big L. Why? Cause YOU think they’re fake and dickriding? Seriously who would fake what they listen to to “fit in”  when theres a lot of other music groups they can “fit in” with. 

When talking about Hip Hop I believe you’re suppose to be talking positive and not being narrow minded about it. You don’t own the artist nor the music, so what rights do you have to tell someone they can’t listen to it? Be happy someone is listening to NaS and not Drake, that someone listening to Big Pun and not Lil Wayne.

AND telling someone their fake cuz they listen to Hip hop isn’t going to change their perspective about it, they’re not going to stop listening to Hip Hop just because someone told them they don’t like that they listen to it.. Please.